November might be known as a dreary month when we set back the clocks, but it will also feature a special full moon, and its coming up soon.

The full moon on November 14 will look like an extra-bright spotlight in the sky thats because it will be a notable supermoon that wont be this close to Earth again for another 18 years. In fact, the last time it looked this big was 1948, according to 

The moon only appears full from Earth when our planet is between the sun and the moon. But since the moons orbit has an elliptical shape, sometimes it is closer to Earth than other times. Astronomers call the closest-to-the-Earth moment the perigee. What makes November 14 special is that the moon becomes full within about two hours of perigeearguably making it an extra-super moon, NASA explained.


This year actually has three supermoons. Besides Novembers, there was one on October 16 and will be another on December 14, although neither are as close as this months.

The November 14 supermoon is not only the closest full moon of the century so far, it wont be matched until 2034. So if you miss this one, mark your calendar for November 25 of that year.